9:00am to 9:15am – Welcome and Introduction

9:15am to 10:15am – Keynote Opening Panel:
Dr. Danielle McNamara, ASU
Dr. Ruth Crick, University of Technology Sydney
Dr. Tom Fikes, ASU EdPlus

10:15am to 10:35amTalk 1 – “The ‘LO’-Down on Grit: Non-Cognitive Trait Assessments Fail to Predict Learning Gains in iSTART and W-Pal” – Kathryn Mccarthy, Aaron Likens, Kris Kopp, Cecile Perret, Micah Watanabe and Danielle McNamara Arizona State University

10:35am to 11:00am – Morning Tea Break

11:00am to 11:20amTalk 2 – “Itero: A New Tool for Exploring Writing Self-efficacy through Revision History Analytics” – Selen Turkay, Queensland University of Technology; Daniel Seaton and Andrew Ang, Harvard University

11:20am to 11:40amTalk 3 – “Exploring Non-Cognitive Reasons behind Success after Failure” – Elle Yuan Wang, James Cunningham, Philip Arcuria, Tom Fikes, & Lou Pugliese, Arizona State University

11:40am to 12:00pm Lightning Session (5-minute for each talk)

  • Non-cognitive Skills: Relevance & Measurement during Online Learning” – Tamera McKinniss, Maria Ofelia Z. San Pedro, Aurora Dixon and Jason Way, ACT Inc. ACT Inc
  • Evaluating group dynamics and individuals’ contributions to them – Micah G. Modell SUNY, The State University of New York – Korea
  • Enhancing global engagement through environmental education MOOCs – Yue Li and Marianne Krasny, Cornell University
  • Non-cognitive Assessments at Scale: MOOCs and Employability Tawanna Dillahunt, University of Michigan and Yuan Wang, Arizona State University

12:00pm to 12:25pmQ&A for the speakers

Interactive activities
Discussant presentations (Representatives from each group will be invited to give presentations.)

12:25 pm to 12:30 pmWrapping up
(Note: Please be advised that the schedule may subject to change.)