Elle Yuan Wang is a Research Scientist with the EdPlus Action Lab, Arizona State University. Her current research focuses on online learner motivation and prediction of learner post-course development, with the goal of building frameworks toward operationalizing MOOC learner success. Specifically, her projects takes a comprehensive approach by linking three sources of learner data: pre-course learner motivation, within-course learner engagement, as well as post-course development. Particularly, measurement of post-course development reflects both individual learner career development as well as advancement of communities of practice. Elle holds a Ph.D in Cognitive Sciences from Columbia University. Her recent publications can be seen in Journal of Online Learning and Teaching and Journal of Learning.

Maria Ofelia “Sweet” Z. San Pedro is a Research Scientist in the Learning Sciences, Analytics & Navigation Research group at ACT, Inc. Her research focuses on learning analytics and educational data mining approaches to K-12 learning experiences, assessment and instruction within digital learning environments (intelligent tutoring systems, educational games, assessment solutions) and how they relate to student outcomes such as college and career readiness.

Dr. Srećko Joksimović is a Data Scientist (Lecturer) in the Teaching Innovation Unit and the School of Education at the University of South Australia since November 2017. With the background in computer science, his research interests center on the analysis of teaching and learning in networked learning environments. His efforts include developing theory-driven data-informed analytics models for assessing the quality of learning in computer-mediated context, generating insights into factors that promote effective collaborative learning, and informing the design of digital environments in which collaborative learning occur. He is also an executive committee member and Website Portfolio Chair of the Society for Learning Analytics Research (SoLAR).

Dr. Tamera McKinniss is a Senior Research Psychologist in the Learning Sciences, Analytics & Navigation Research group at ACT, Inc. She has experience in behavioral assessment and outcomes research. Most recently, she has been focused on determining behavioral ratings from non-traditional sources. More broadly, she is an innovative data analytics and effectiveness consultant with experience in a variety of areas (e.g., online tool development, assessment/survey development and validation, training development and evaluation, job/process analysis, and selection).

Dr. Jason D. Way is a Research Psychologist in the ACT Center for Social, Emotional, and Academic Learning. His research focuses on the social and emotional learning skills that enable people to be successful in education and work contexts.